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Bring Back My Turkish Pide

March 14, 2015

This is my first turkish pide ever after 8 years dreaming of it. Paling suka pide ini yang isi bayam n cheese. Btw, pide ini pizza versi turki, dengan topping yg hampir sama. Aku prefer cheese n telur juga. Pokoknha yang ada cheese nya.
Yang pernah ke istanbul pasti pernah dong ya lihat si pide ini di kedai2 deket haggia sophia. Dimana2 juga ada sih pasti. Atau yang suka nonton king sulaiman, ehem..pernah ga ya si raja makana beginian. It’s a must try dish. Murah, kenyang, enak 😀 nah kalau saus nya aku belum coba. Masih susah cari bahannya. Garlic cheese lebih cocok sepertinya kalau mau coba. Buat sarapan, lunch ato dinner cocok aja. Karena ini yang pertama, jadi masih dimaklumi untuk bentuk dan rasa yang belum sempurna. Yang penting the dough dan topping nya sudah ok.
Resep banyak di youtube, dari yang cuma slide show sampai yang jelas step by step. Silahkan coba ya. Kalau belum pernah rasain yang asli memang susah buat nemu rasanyà. Ah coba saja lah. Budget buat percobaan ini 70rb, bisa bikin banyak, sampai pusing makannya. Siap2 tetangga sebelah dikasih juga kalau begitu.


The shape and taste is acceptable, and forgiven. No body pide is perfect.

SWF.. sounds (a bit) familiar

July 19, 2014

After reading gossip forum (forgos), in one of big online media, about this movie then i searched the movie’s trailer and few parts. It is single white female, a movie released in1992. The trailer is scary, and even the short parts of the movie i watched. Till i hold my breath. From the trailer, it is clear what the movie is about. About the roommate who finally borrow alli’s clothes, boyfriend, and life. Sounds familiar with the story. I think most indonesian knows whose story it is 😀


July 17, 2014

So sorry to hear the breaking news of malaysia airlines crash. Hope all the passenger safe.

Pray for Gaza (again and again)

July 9, 2014


Its like -or exactly- a killing field, a massacre. How big is Gaza?

All prayers for them…….

I stand to…the winner

July 8, 2014

What 7-1? Anyhow its better than 7-0. But its brazil…that makes it..embarassing. whatever the case, football players are always a hero for their own country. I remember ronaldo, where is he?
As brazil out, i stand to..germany. but i prefer dutch, are they still in?


Grow up princess Aurora

June 28, 2014

It seems like the sleeping beauty story will be described differently and more make sense again and again, in the future. At least the recent movies did. Snow white and the hunts man (correct?) and maleficent. I dont remember exactly the original story of it, but both movies are different version of sleeping beauty. What i like from these is that the story is so ‘human’, not a pure fairytale. They included emotions and close to the real life situation.
Briefly about snow white movie, they highlight that the princess is not always be with a prince. And it is natural, even though young kids will expect it will be a prince as the princess soulmate. Well, life is not that simple 😀
While in maleficent, the narrator mentioned clearly at the very first scene that this movie would tell you another story/ the real story which is different with the famous one. So they emphasized this. And what i remember after watching maleficent is ONLY the princess is awaken not by a prince’s kiss but a true love kiss which is from maleficent, a godmother. The scene when maleficent kiss the princess is the most important message from this movie. And again, this is the only thing i remember from this movie. Is it good? If the goal of this movie was to tell people about another version of sleeping beauty, then they made it. But in my opinion, theres something missing in this movie. The other parts of this movie can easily be forgotten because of the highlighted maleficent kiss scene’s. Thats the peak (i forget the exact word for this, haha) of the movie. As a comparison, i like the holiday movie, and i remember a lot of scenes, dialogues, and emotions in that movie. It has a few peaks so that people remember the whole story, not just one important scene. IMO, in maleficent, the scenes after the highlighted one does not make people curious with the ending. Because, they got the message of the story.
Btw, jolie is so good here, her makeup artist must be so professional that her high cheek bones is just like her natural face.
And elle fanning aka princess aurora? I guess we all like her innocent and spontaneous smile. But why she smiles so spontaneously, too quick. When she first saw the colorful moors forest with the fairies, she smiled in a seconds count. She has an innocent smile indeed, but normally, when we are in a strange place even though it is undoubtly beautiful, we will look around first and make sure it is a safe place. I think, what she did was dangerous. Even in a fairy world there can be traps everywhere. That makes aurora not smart here. Also she is 16, but can easily be amazed by fairy world and colorful playing ground. In her age, she must be able to be more critical with her surroundings, including the fact that her father exiled her. She never asked. The story runs so fast. After meeting with her father and awaken from the everlasting sleep curse, she should’ve chosen to stay even for a while to talk with her father, or at least to find out about her mother. But she chose to go with maleficent without asking any basic questions. If she was a kid, it would be acceptable. But she’s a teenager, she would be curious with her history, her parents, sooner or later. Playing in the colorful moors forest will not be long, she wont like playing with water or flower again. She needs to grow up, and not playing princess without struggling in life.
Well, i like this movie, the way i like snow white. And i watched it twice in singapore and here 😀 the moors forest is so beautiful.



June 10, 2014

Wkwkwkwk why i should post this? Because wherever i go abroad, i always choose this indian food, or any other indian food, usually naan. Like now, it’s my fifth day my travel to m’sia and spore and it is my fifth briyani as well during this vacation. My friend laughed at me by the way.
Ah ya, there is one dish called masala dosa, here in spore one restaurant write it dosai. In melayu and indonesian language, masala dosa could be translated as masalah dosa which means sin problem 😀 dont be too serious, we indonesian just found it funny.